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As the medical field advances and adapts to the latest treatments, equipment is evolving. AdventHealth and Sorensen Logistics have paired up to ensure a smooth transition in their medical facilities. As an ongoing service, this keeps AdventHealth on the cutting edge of in-house technology.

AdventHealth prides itself as a compassionate caregiver in nine states across the U.S. They service some of the biggest markets, including Chicago, Denver,

and Central Florida. The challenge of keeping 130 nationwide locations equipped with top-of-the-line equipment is ongoing for an operation on this scale.

Final Mile Services

Sorensen Logistics helps manage medical equipment maintenance. When AdventHealth has medical equipment arriving, we are the premier partner for receiving and delivery. Our Orlan do location receives the apparatus from various sources and warehouse it until it’s needed. Sorensen Logistics also delivers or provides final mile service to AdventHealth facilities.

Sensitive Equipment Delivery

At AdventHealth, medical equipment can be very sensitive. Imaging equipment and other hardware for their facilities need to arrive without damage. We offer a final mile service that will have your medical devices on location and in place for technicians to begin activation.

Sorensen Logistics is the premier partner for receiving medical apparatus and warehousing them until they’re needed. Our final mile service is also available to all area medical facilities, delivering medical supplies and equipment in a timely manner. Examples of a medical supply or piece of equipment: Mobile MRI Unit, CT Scanner It’s important to make sure these sensitive devices are handled correctly with the right partner.

PPE Inventory Management

Sorensen Logistics also offers inventory assistance for personal protective equipment, ensuring that your medical facilities are always in stock when you need them. This helps manage expenses and resources during times of high demand. Our transparent warehouse management system makes inventory management and delivery requests easily accessible to your team at any time. We offer a proprietary login portal to manage your items with or without our team’s help for high volume and long-term contracts.


Managing a medical facility’s resources doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re in the medical industry, please contact us for more information about our services and find out how we can help your team. We’re ready to act as an extension of your team for the best logistics services.