Discovery Aviation – is a fully integrated aircraft manufacturer, formed in the United States in 2011. The goal was to relocate the company’s planes and other equipment from their warehouse in Melbourne to Sanford Airport. Nineteen trailers worth of airplanes, wings, chassis, and other parts needed to be moved within a set deadline. This project was limited by time and required a moving company that can safely and efficiently handle high-value, bulky and fragile items. Our team demonstrated top-notch logistics and project management skills completing the job on time.


Sorensen Logistics was the ideal partner to handle this complex project. Our expert crew navigated a 30,000 sq ft warehouse move from Melbourne to Sanford Florida with ease. With no loading docks at either location, our team had an extra challenge on their hands when it came to transporting bulky and fragile items between ground levels. By leveraging our resources and executing a well-coordinated effort, we successfully completed this mission despite its complexities. Result- Nine planes, wings, chassis, fuselage frames, and other miscellaneous parts were safely moved to a new location. One more successful project added to our portfolio.

Key Services

  • Project Management
  • Commercial Warehouse and Delivery
  • Rigging Services
  • High-value Asset Relocation