To combat the ever-changing marketplace, now more than ever, businesses of all sizes rely on effective logistics solutions to facilitate the secure, timely, and cost-effective movement of goods around the world. 65+ years of industry experience, paired with an expansive network of 500+ service providers globally, makes Sorensen Logistics well-suited to understand and circumnavigate any workplace obstacle to deliver your desired result – on time and on budget, always.

Harnessing a Global Network

Sorensen Logistics is a full-service workplace solutions provider specializing in designing and delivering scalable logistics solutions. We meet the needs of companies with large workforces spread amongst robust footprints. Through our affiliation with OMA and UniGroupSorensen Logistics is able to harness our global network of best-in-class service providers. We deliver quality commercial services in over 29 countries and over 250 markets – wherever your need is – we are there. When dealing with Sorensen, clients can expect to receive the boutique attention and service one would come to expect from a family-owned and operated business. All that while having the corporate capabilities of a Fortune 500 company. As a result, our clients are able to maintain total oversight of their facility portfolios, while also being unencumbered with managing multiple proposals, projects, and service providers.

Customized Solutions

Dynamic businesses have dynamic challenges. In order to maintain a leading edge, companies rely on dynamic solutions. Every client is different; Sorensen Logistics works closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and desired outcomes to better achieve their workplace objectives. In understanding our clients` business landscape and market footprint, we are able to leverage local service provider relationships. This helps us understand local, market-specific variables, resulting in a scalable, comprehensive service delivery model that minimizes unnecessary expense without sacrificing quality.

Our Process

Our Team

Sorensen Logistics’ account management team can take the desired service delivery model from concept to execution. Upon onboarding a new client, Sorensen will assign an Account Manager from our Account Management Team to manage the day-to-day performance of the model. Your Account Manager will keep the client apprised of all services in progress and perform coordination/service management every step of the way – from cradle to grave, your Account Manager ensures all communication from the client is implemented effectively in the field.

Top Performance

In addition to execution, Sorensen takes meticulous steps to measure our performance continually. Following all services, the designated client`s point of contact is able to provide feedback on our service. We understand we are only as good as our last service for each client, so Sorensen is diligent in ensuring your last move was your best move. Having multiple service providers in most major markets allows Sorensen to not only provide competitive rates but also exceptional service – the best providers will get the most work.

Competitive Advantage

Finally, Sorensen consults. While most relationships begin with a single need, over time we find that most clients begin to utilize Sorensen Account Executives and Account Managers from the genesis of projects, as a trusted resource. We view our team as more than a resource, but as an extension of our clients’ facilities management team. Our ability to provide solutions time and time again is what truly sets us apart from our competition.

Sorensen Services

  • Commercial Relocation
  • Project Management
  • Liquidation/Decommission
  • Furniture Installation
  • Move Add Change Services
  • Computer Disconnect/Reconnect
  • First/Final Mile
  • Warehousing
  • Asset Management
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Rigging
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Padded Van Services

Our Clients

At Sorensen Logistics, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality logistics services to our commercial clients. We specialize in working with a large variety of industries, including healthcare, hospitality, higher education, multinational corporations, aerospace/aviation, and more. Our clients are some of the most well-known companies in their respective fields.

We understand that each industry has its own unique needs when it comes to workplace solutions. That`s why we tailor our services to match those specific requirements. Whether you are a healthcare provider in need of a HIPAA-compliant relocation, or you are a university looking to install dorm rooms or relocate sensitive research, we have the knowledgeable staff and skilled labor to handle any requirement.

Final Thoughts

Sorensen Logistics has the expertise and reach to provide a scalable solution for projects of all sizes. By utilizing a consultative, highly detailed approach that one would expect of a family-owned and operated business, paired with a robust network of best-in-class service providers, Sorensen is able to streamline any corporation’s workplace services, leading to improved efficiently, consistent service quality, and reduced overall expense.

To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us now and see how our solutions can transform your business.



Written by: Chris Sorensen- President 

Sorensen Logistics