Restaurant FF&E Project Management

Restaurant FF&E Project Management

The restaurant and food service business is a nuanced industry that requires critical attention to detail to manage day-to-day operations. For this reason, oftentimes restaurant chains and ownership groups look to outsource the Project Management of new location rollouts and existing location renovations. Sorensen Logistics has the team, expertise, and network to streamline the restaurant furniture and equipment supply chain delivery models, freeing up our customers to focus on their customer experience and daily operation. By hiring a Project Management firm to oversee their project logistics, restaurant owners better protect themselves from unforeseen and costly mistakes that may otherwise go unmitigated. Sorensen Logistics’s proven process takes the customers’ vision of their next dining concept from imagination to reality – on time and on budget, always.  



Sorensen Logistics begins every new project with a consultative, customer-centric approach. Our team of industry professionals and trained experts meet with each client to review the prospective client’s vision and overall objectives. We identify each client’s specific needs and requirements, which form the basis of our service delivery model development. From freight management to final mile delivery, Sorensen Logistics has the capability to handle our client’s every need. Moreover, our robust network of warehousing and delivery partners in over 250 markets in North America, Europe, and Australia virtually guarantees whichever market a client is looking to do business in, we have a vetted and reputable partner to execute.  

Once we have established a customized, scalable service delivery model with the client, Sorensen assigns a single point of contact from our Account Management team to oversee the project. Your Account Manager does more than simply maintain the supply chain and critical project milestones, they serve as our client advocate when dealing with manufacturers, freight carriers, and general contractors throughout the project. 


Freight Management 

Depending on the project requirements, oftentimes clients look to Sorensen Logistics to manage the transportation of products from the manufacturer to our local warehouse. Sorensen can serve as your single point of contact for all freight management including contracting carriers and overseeing transportation schedules.  


Receiving & Inventory Management 

The receiving and consolidation process at our local warehouse is critically important to ensuring the process delivers on time and to our clients’ expectations. For this reason, Sorensen Logistics’s Account Management team is diligent in ensuring that receiving reports are filed in a detailed and timely manner. Our warehouse will inspect the received product to ensure the quantities match the ordered amount and ensure there is no visible damage to the product. All required shipping documents and receiving reports are provided to our clients within 48 hours of receipt.  

Should any product arrive in unexpected quantities, or with damage, we work with our freight carriers to file a freight claim to protect our client’s investment. Oftentimes, we find that when clients handle their logistics in-house, or through a lower-quality provider, this critical step can be mismanaged, which can lead to unnecessary costs by reordering damaged product replacements, that could have been expensed to the freight carrier, or having unexpected shortages by not accurately accounting for the property asset quantities. Our Account Management team works closely with the warehouse to ensure accurate and detailed inventory management is maintained throughout the project.  


Scheduled Delivery/Pickup 

Each restaurant project presents its own unique set of challenges, whether it be new construction or a location renovation, Sorensen customizes our delivery schedule to meet the client’s needs. From tailgate delivery to inside placement and installation, Sorensen Logistics can provide tailored service.  

Prior to delivery, the Account Manager works closely with the customer and other critical stakeholders to ensure that all critical details are accounted for. For example, for restaurant renovations where the facility is operational and active, Sorensen can schedule deliveries and/or like-for-like swaps to occur after hours. With new construction, the Account Manager can work closely with the General Contractor on behalf of the customer to ensure that the product is delivered on time, in order to minimize downtime or delays to the property becoming operational. Considerations such as truck accessibility, stairs, elevators, and other considerations are taken into account so that all potential obstacles are vetted prior to the truck’s arrival. Upon completion, all paperwork is provided to the customer in real-time.  


Key Differentiators 

• Restaurant owners can avoid costly mistakes and unforeseen expenses by outsourcing the Project Management of new rollouts or existing location renovations to Sorensen Logistics.

• Sorensen provides a customer-centric approach tailored to each client’s needs and requirements.

• Sorensen takes on the responsibility of freight management, receiving & inventory management, and scheduled delivery/pickup.

• Customers are provided with detailed paperwork in real-time upon completion, allowing them to better deliver on their vision – on time and on budget.



Hiring a knowledgeable and robust Project Management firm can be critical to ensuring that restaurant rollouts and renovations are operational and revenue-producing in real-time. Sorensen works diligently to ensure that each client’s needs are addressed in a detailed and scalable service delivery model, customized to their specific needs. From there, we contract the best vendors possible to ensure that an adequate chain of custody, and inventory management is maintained from inception to the conclusion of each project. Finally, we work closely with our warehouse and other project stakeholders to ensure delivery schedules are well thought out and maintained, leading to a timely deliverable for our customers. In the end, by hiring a subject matter expert, like Sorensen Logistics, to manage their FF&E supply chain, restaurant owners are able to mitigate potential risks and unforeseen obstacles, allowing them to better deliver on their vision – on time and on budget. 



Written by Chris Sorensen

President, Sorensen Logistics