Photo of Empty college dorm room with a bunk bed and 2 single beds

Rollins College was one of the first higher education institutes in Florida. More than 130 years later, they continue to serve students at their Winter Park Campus. Today Rollins College regularly works with Sorensen Logistics to manage the needs of their facility resources, staff, and students.

Dorm Services

Sorensen Logistics provides storage during the summer months for students on-campus and abroad. This is an additional service coordinated and offered by the College’s student services team during the summer months as a convenient option for students coming from out of the area or traveling during the summer months.

Temporary storage services for students are a common need as students travel for summer internships or study abroad. This comprehensive service handles everything from the move-out, delivery to the storage facility, cool and dry long-term storage, and delivery to the final destination. It’s an extremely convenient option for students.

Because dormitories require regular maintenance and servicing, Sorensen Logistics also receives, delivers, places, unboxes and installs new dorm furniture to ensure that students have a safe home away from home while residing on campus. As an extension of the on-site facilities manager, we can fill the gaps in the workforce, storage space, and skillset when needed. Due to the nature of the school year, we’re able to fulfill these seasonal needs.

Office Moves On Campus

In addition to storage, Sorensen Logistics also facilitates office and professor relocations on campus. We receive freight shipments of furniture and other common space fixtures. Then, we deliver and place on-site when the timeline is most appropriate and convenient for staff and students.

As the school year progresses, there are often large-scale events hosted on-site that require unique arrangements of furniture and resources. Sorensen Logistics is on-site to facilitate moves in a timely manner to minimize disruption to the educational services on campus.

Food Service and Convenience Stores

The campus-based foodservice and convenience stores also play a critical role in college life. These are the places students socialize, study, and refuel during the school day. Rollins College recently opened a convenience store location with food service in their Lakeside Neighborhood, a newly built multi-location living complex.

Sorensen Logistics assisted with the preparation of the Market & Cafe on-site. Services included receiving and warehousing the coolers, counters, and food preparation equipment, including heating units. We can deliver the items in place to prepare for the hook-ups and opening day!


Sorensen Logistics can provide your campus with storage services for students and faculty. We serve both Florida-based institutions and student moving services nationwide. Contact our team to learn how we can support your facility maintenance and student body needs.