The Warehouse Chaos

The lights went out for the third time in as many minutes. The man stopped dead in his tracks, wondering if someone was playing a joke on him. Fumbling around in his pockets, he found his cell phone, pulling it out to turn on its flashlight. As soon as he raised his arm to shine the light in front of him, the lights flashed back on. Looking around, he took a few tentative steps forward. He kept his phone in his hand this time, bracing for the next blackout.

Am I lost?” the man wondered. “I’ve walked past this same stack of crates at least four times.” Slowly circling around, he decided to walk down the narrow aisle to his left. Halfway down he had to turn to his side to squeeze through the opening. As the man shuffled through, the building went dark again. He sighed loudly. His arms were stuck to his sides, the phone in his hand useless. Deciding to move back the way he came, the man started to shuffle but suddenly couldn’t move. He tried wiggling down, shoving over, and standing on his tiptoes but he was stuck!


The Amazing Rescue

“Hello?” he called out. Nothing but silence replied. Starting to panic, he pushed against the shelving at his back using his feet to push the shelving in front of him. Neither shelf moved.

He yelled out, again, beginning to hyperventilate. “Hello! Is anyone out there? I need help!” The man felt tears well up in his eyes. “Will I ever be found? Has anyone even noticed I’m missing?”

Suddenly the lights blazed above him, and he could hear footsteps.

“Sir?” a voice called out.

“Here! I’m over here!” he yelled back.

The other man smoothly glided down the cramped passageway, freeing the stuck man from a hook that his shirt has snagged on.

“Mr. Cole, this is why we ask that no one wanders off on their own. The warehouse can be a dangerous place.”

Mr. Cole sighed in relief as he followed his savior out of the aisle. “I’m so sorry, I was just looking for the restroom.”

“I understand but the last person to go off on their own in this warehouse has never been found.”


Common Warehouse Management Issues

  • Overstocking of inventory – When products aren’t organized and labeled correctly, it can be difficult to tell when you’re running out of stock. This can lead to overstocking and wasted money.
  • Poorly labeled products – If products aren’t labeled correctly, the result is confusion among employees and customers. This can lead to incorrect orders and misplaced products.
  • Confusing warehouse layout – If the layout of your warehouse is poor, it can be difficult for employees to find the products they need leading to wasted time and decreased productivity.
  • Unsafe conditions – If the warehouse is cluttered and poorly organized, it can be dangerous for employees increasing the chances of accidents and injuries.
  • Untrained employees – If employees aren’t properly trained on how to use the warehouse management system, confusion and mistakes are inevitable.
  • Lack of automation – If there is no modern data collection and tracking system in place it can be difficult for employees to keep track of inventory and find items. This can lead to increased human error and decreased efficiency.

Central Florida Warehouse Solutions

At Sorensen Logistics, we have more than enough space for your commercial, logistics, and household goods storage needs. We take pride in having the highest quality storage facility in the state of Florida, which no one, so far, has been lost in. Warehouse safety is one of our top priorities.

  • Our forklift operators are trained and certified, both warehouses are well-ventilated, and we hold regular safety training meetings.
  • All our floors, aisles, and surfaces are cleared of any hazards that could cause trips, snags, or falls.
  • Sorensen Logistics has a network of freight and warehousing partners to control costs while offering exceptional industry performance and services.
  • We offer specialized support of local, interstate, and international shipping and receiving through our partnering network of Mayflower agents enabling the mobilization of even the smallest items up to full loads.
  • Our proprietary in-house Warehouse Management System offers clarity to the complexity of your project. With real-time check-ins and confirmation emails with detailed inventory shared at each receiving point.

Let Sorensen Logistics be your dependable provider for warehousing and delivery. Whatever your needs may be, Sorensen has a warehousing solution! With over 175,000 sqft of warehousing space in Central Florida, we offer highly efficient receiving, storage, and delivery solutions for your every need.


Author: Tiffany McLendon

Tiffany is the Director of Customer Service / Account Manager at Sorensen.

She is a mom, a wife, and a freelance writer in her free time.